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2016/09/18 23:59:59

Elections to the Russian State Duma

September 18, 2016

The only fair election
The only real ratings parties and leaders


Voting allows you to see the real rating of the candidates and party leaders , not affected by deception, "Carousel" , and fraud.


Native language

Please notice that the names of the parties and the leaders of the parties listed in Russian, for that would not misrepresent names.

Against All

Candidate "against all " - the point in voting, allowing to take part in the vote , not selecting any of the candidates.

2 weeks

The term of renewal, after which you will be able to vote again , if your decision was changed

«Mirror» schedule

The bilateral schedule of distribution of votes that allows you to monitor the relationship of the party and its leader , as well as see who of the leaders of the parties does not correspond to his party, having
a much higher or lower rating compared with the party which he represents.

Without cheating

Voting is protected from the cheating and located on the external service - polldaddy.com.


Elections to the State Duma of 2016. Ratings and voting



Elections to the Legislative Assembly of Saint Petersburg 2016. Ratings and voting



Elections to the Legislative Assembly of the Leningrad Region 2016. Ratings and voting



International Russian Conservative Forum II. October 1, 2016

Goduma.ru -This is a project is of global network of political ratings of RealRate rating agency for 2016 elections.
The main objective of the site is to provide the Russian public and international community independent and forward-looking assessment of sociological popularity of particular personalities, analytical research and data in the field of politics , as well as real and independent ratings of politicians on the basis of online voting.

The vote that represented on the site, is completely independent and it is formed only  by public opinion .

It is really honest, independent and transparent voting.

The process of formation of the vote is located on a separate partner site, where it is fully protected against break-ins , any markups or any other intervention.In a word – no one, including publishers and authors can’t influence the course of voting.The partner is a large analyst company Automattic Inc., the second company in the world in terms of traffic after Google, and their project online voting is polldaddy.com. Such companies as BBC, New York Times, Forbes, Microsoft, Pfizer, IBM , and many others work in this voting system.

Companies - partners, proving the reliability and safety of Polls service polldaddy.com

Election at a Glance

September 18, 2016

Elections of deputies in the Russian State Duma of the Federal Assembly in VII convocation throughout the Russian Federation will be held in a unified election day.

of 450 deputies

225 are elected from party lists according to a unified federal district (proportional system), and another 225 - in single member constituencies (majority system).

5% barrier

must overcome the parties to get into the Duma under the proportional system
The elections will be declared valid in any appearance since threshold of presence is not set.

14 parties

The RF Central Electoral commission has defined 14 political parties, which may expose the candidates lists of candidates without collecting signatures, the other parties would have gather in support of the nominated list of at least 200 000 signatures.
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